Paternoster is the founding commercial vineyard/winery in Emerald, in the Cardinia Ranges.  Not wanting a geographical type name, it was decided to name the winery Paternoster, the name of the road. Philip and Carlin planted this scenic and steep(!) vineyard over the years 1983 to 1984, making their first wines in 1989.

The site was carefully chosen because of its well-drained, rich, chocolate soils, mild summers and lingering, humid autumns.  Emerald's cool climate is admirably suited to growing the early ripening varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

It was through a close relationship with a friend in the wine retail trade, that Philip was introduced to the great wines of the world, Bordeaux, Burgundies, Sauturnes, German Rieslings and Portugese Vintage-Ports.  This association also allowed Philip close exposure to some of Central Victoria's cool climate wineries where, during vintage, he enjoyed the first-hand experience of grape processing, barrel-racking, assemblage and bottling.

The uncompromising requirement for achieving Paternoster’s goals is low vineyard cropping levels (tonnage per acre). At Paternoster Wines, the unirrigated vineyard is strictly limited to fruit cropping-levels of below 1.5 tonnes/acre.

Paternoster is not about producing huge volumes of grapes that are artificially fed and watered; nor is there any artificially enhancing of the flavour and colour of our wines – it’s just left to what the season gives us.  At Paternoster you’ll discover traditionally made wines of soft, supple texture and intense depth of flavour.


Premium: - classically supreme, soft, well-structured, spicy.

Jack of Hearts: - signature characteristics of intense richness and satin texture.

Heaven’s Door: - prestige range, provokingly concentrated and powerful.

Phil Hession, Carlin Payne: Owners.

Winemaker/Sales: Phil Hession

Vineyard Operations: Carlin Payne.


17 Paternoster Rd
Emerald VIC 3782.
Ph: (03) 59683197