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Bass River is one of the first five vineyards planted in Gippsland. The Butera family passionately grow the grapes and produce wines that display varietal, regions and season.

At Bass River, we’re inspired by experimentation. Our hearts are set on hunting out fresh knowledge, iterating on existing techniques, and taking calculated risks which result in wines that strive to be better than what has come before.

We challenge conventions in order to build on what truly works. This liberates us from simply repeating the past for the sake of tradition. And it emboldens us to explore fearlessly in our pursuit of perfection.

We believe crafting great wines is a journey without a final destination, because we’re always moving the goal posts further. We strive to better our best, and invite those who share this spirit to join us for the journey.

Cellar is open every day (except Wednesday)

Bass River Winery
1835 Dalyston - Glen Forbes Road, Glen Forbes, VIC, 3990
03 5678 8252